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Fm_sql_select error

This is weird:

I know my connection works. and I have an insert statement working.

using MYSQL 5.1.35


$query ="SELECT id FROM sequences WHERE name = 'uc_order_products_order_product_id' ";
$results = fm_sql_select($query);

error: 8309 ERROR: FQL0002/(1:15): The table named "sequences" does not exist.

this error was produced by: $error = fm_get_last_error();

this statement works in phpmyadmin.

Thank you.

Fm_sql_select error

Micah Woods's picture

Hello Todd,

Hmmm, I wouldn't expect this to work against a MySQL database. fm_sql_select is only for querying an internal FileMaker table. Take a look at the MySQL function to see how to get this working (or check the Testbed.fp7 file that's included with the SmartPill download for an example).