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We are in the process of rewriting the SmartPill plug-in, but the task has proven difficult and is taking longer than expected. The current version of SmartPill is mostly compatible with FileMaker Pro 13 (the client) but not the server version (FileMaker Server 13).

Because SmartPill 3 development is taking longer than expected and we’re not sure when it will be available, we’ve decided to offer the previous version of SmartPill for free, as an extended trial until the end of 2015. We’re doing this because we no longer want to charge for a plug-in that we know is incompatible with server, and has known issues on the client. Offering the current plug-in for free is our way of bridging the gap between now and when SmartPill 3 becomes available. To take advantage of this offer, please complete our Trial License Request form.